Immediate steps to be taken
Business Strategy
Ø  Network Quality Improvement
Ø  Aggressive Marketing through Local & International Consultants
Ø  New Value Added Services
Ø  Data Business with attractive pricing models.
Ø  Customer Experience Enhancement through CCC and Customer Experience Centers
Ø  Increased retail presence through outsourcing to professional marketing/bundling companies.
Ø  Handset
Ø  Cross Subsidy
Ø  Free Voice calls with different volumes of data packages
Ø  Reputation Management
Ø  SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) Profit verses rural coverage

HR Strategy
Ø  Restructuring of the organization with the help of Consultant
Ø  Capping: Managing Director’s service in the company should be terminated once his term is finished.
Ø  DMD retirement after 5 years, managers after 10 years making way for new generation.
Ø  VRS and CRS.
Ø  Minimal Recruitment, Maximizing managed services.
Ø  Staff Discipline,
Ø  Countrywide e-attendance system
Ø  Job description
Trade Unions to be taken into confidence and made to feel responsible for above tasks.

Financial Strategy
Ø  Efficient Finance Control System. A control system with consistency in process and procedures
Ø  Management of Cash and Inventory
Ø  Investment Diversification.
Ø  Investment in Value Added Services
Ø  Investment in Content Generating Company
Ø  Investment in a Managed Services Company
Ø  Investment in mini-projects with Colleges Universities for developing M2M products and other applications.

Ways Ahead for NT
         Corporate strategy
         Focus on core jobs
         Network expansion & QOS
         Skill development
         Job description with clearly defined reward & punishment

         Customer service
         Information digitization
         Shorten maintenance cycle
         Efficient complaint handling
         Information analysis
         Product bundling
         Data based services
         Appropriate Tariff structure

Vision 2016
First Six months (first half of 2014)
Ø  Reliable Network
Ø  Wifi Service in major cities,District headquarters
Ø  Discipline. Clear Job Description up to Level 9.
Ø  E-attendance
Ø  Improve work culture
Ø  Make decisions on
a.       Investment diversification
b.      New Services to be introduced

First Year (End of 2014)
Ø  Countrywide 3G Coverage
Ø  Availability of RUIM,SIM anywhere anytime
Ø  UCS service launch
Ø  Help Develop E-Health, E-Banking, E-Education, E-Gaming
Ø  Staff reduction by 5%
Ø  Enforcement of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

Second Year 2015
Ø  Rollout of LTE (4G) Subject to availability of Frequency Spectrum from NTA
Ø  Cloud Computing
Ø   Service Delivery Platform for VAS
Ø  Fiber to home in Major Cities
Ø  Internet TV
Ø  Content generating joint-venture company in operation
Ø  M2M business

Visible Results in two years
Ø  Increase of total subscribers by 40%
Ø  Data subscribers increment by 200%
Ø  Data volume increment of at least 300%
Ø  Increase in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
Ø  Restructured Company resulting in reduction of employees.
Ø  Increase Yearly Revenue with increased net profit in two years.

Important Policy level decisions to be made
Ø  Simplify Procurement Process
Ø  Proceed with introduction of an International Strategic Partner

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